Defined Infinity


1. Last Minute Sonata:

Assaf Levy, Dave Weckl, Edmond Gilmore, Omer Rizi, Jacob Gorensteyn (08:30)

2. TapTaDa:

Assaf Levy, Gary Novak, Edmond Gilmore, Omer Rizi, Jacob Gorensteyn (06:12)

3. Q to 5:

Assaf Levy, Gary Novak, Gilad Abro, Omer klein, Jacob Gorensteyn (07:19)

4. Ballady:

Assaf Levy, Oleg Sosnov, Noam Elron, Omer Rizi, Jacob Gorensteyn (07:35)

5. Arik:

Assaf Levy, Gary Novak, Gilad Abro, Omer Rizi, Jacob Gorensteyn (07:03)

6. Just Like That:

Assaf Levy, Gary Novak, Gilad Abro, Omer Rizi, Jacob Gorensteyn, Avior Rokah (06:08)

7. Not quite Cherokee:

Assaf Levy, Barak Aharon, Tom Kennedy, Omer Rizi, Jacob Gorensteyn, Oz Noy (09:09)

8. Duet:

Assaf Levy, Gary Novak, Gilad Abro, Omer Rizi (09:09)


Dave Weckl: Drums

A drummer who is a living legend. One of the greatest and most valued in the world.

Dave played with some of the most acclaimed artists: Chick Corea, Robert Plant, Madonna, Paul Simon, Mike Stern to name a few.

He played in one of the first jazz-fusion albums I ever got: CHICK COREA ELEKTRIC BAND – EYE OF THE BEHOLDER.

It is one of my greatest influences in the jazz-fusion world. I was just 18 and I Listened to it nonstop in the car volume cranked to full, with open windows (My car didn’t have an AC), until the disc-player burned out.

Weckel’s MASTER PLAN album is one of my absolute favorites to this day.

Gary Novak: Drums

The main drummer of my album. Featured in six pieces. Hearing him play my music moved me to tears.

Gary played with Alanis Morissette, Chick Corea and of course Alan Holdsworth, who is certainly one of my biggest influences in music and in my opinion simply the greatest guitarist of all times.

I had the good fortune to sit down with him for a beer in Tel Aviv after a performance he gave shortly before he passed away.

Playing with Gary Novak is a closing of a circle for me. And the album has an original piece called “Just Like That” dedicated to the memory of Alan Holdsworth.

Tom Kennedy: Bass

Tom played with Al Di Meola, Dizzy Gillespie, Randy Brecker and many others.

The only  bass solo in the album, on my adaptation to the “Cherokee” standard.


Oz Noy: Guitar

I’ve been following his work for a very long time (even before the Facebook era). LOVE his punk-fusion playing and the unique style that is all his own.

I rewrote the Cherokee adaptation especially for him and I’m glad he agreed to participate.

It’s great to see and hear a world famous Israeli success story.

Gilad Abro: Electric and U. Bass

An exceptional musician, in a word – Africa!

Gilad played with Avishai Cohen (Bass), Avishai Cohen (trumpet), Omri Mor, Marina Maximilian, Efrat Gosh and others.

Omer Klein: Piano

Another amazing Israeli success. Omer gave me so much inspiration, moving, sophisticated and touching playing.

You have no idea how difficult it was to choose the final take. Every one of his solo’s is a masterpiece. He composed songs for Arik Einstein and Gidi Gov.

Leader of a very successful world renowned trio with Haggai Cohen Milo and Amir Bresler.

Edmond Gilmore: Fretless and U. Bass

Edmond is a brother, and just the best bass player in the world. I already knew that from our days in the Music Academy (Going back 20 years).

Now days he is killing it in New York, he recorded in Mike Stern’s latest album and plays with leading jazz artists in the current New York scene.

Oleg Sosnov: Drums

Oleg and me met in the Music Academy (back in the previous century). And we even shared an apartment for a while.

It’s impossible to count the number of one-on-one hours we played together.  We grew up and raised each other. He came with me on a very long journey with this music and is certainly a very important part of the creative process. He is a drummer in Gesher Theater, Micro, Big Zbang, and more.

Barak Aharon: Drums

Let me just quote what Weckl wrote me after he heard Barak’s take:

“ Man, who’s playing drums on this? Killing! sounds freaking great! ”

Day to day he is Omer Adam’s regular drummer and makes people happy.

Omer Rizi: Keys & Piano

Rizi is a crazy keyboards player, one of the most talented I have ever known. He played with me for several years on my ensemble “Assaf Levy Group“.

He plays most of the tracks in the album, adding his special color (and a bit of madness).

Avior Rokach: Trumpet

Avior was a guest player in the track I recorded in memory of Alan Holdsworth.

He plays in the cool ensemble Marsh Dondurma and Rodanz.

Noam Elron: U. Bass

Noam played double bass on the” Assaf Levy Group”. All the group members were united for one track of the album called “Ballady”.

Noam is currently launching a second very special solo album. It’s worth a listen. Plays also with Savana and the strings.

Jacob Gorensteyn: Saxophones

saved the main partner to my work for last. Jacob is a very important part of this album, from “Ya’akov, bro Help! my Cubase is jammed”,

and up to “What do you say about this solo take”?

He was beside me for every step, decision and sound during all these years. We’ve been playing together for more than 20 years, in countless productions, recordings and performances. He is a brilliant saxophonist and his sound will touch your soul.

He participates in almost all the tracks in the album.He plays and composes for Marsh Dondurma.